WhatsApp for PC Download Windows 7/8/XP – WhatsApp for Web

Hi friends, this whole tutorial is all about how to download WhatsApp for PC or Computer on Windows 7, Windows 8 and XP. Please keep on reading to know more.

If you wish to use WhatsApp on PC then earlier there was only one method i.e. via Android emulator software. But that didn’t helped using one single account on both smartphones and PCs because WhatsApp didn’t allowed it. But now all your problems and all those troubles are gone.

You can now use WhatsApp on computer without dealing with any installation and also the same account.

I’ll let you know the exact method to follow to get things done at your end. You only need to follow my steps that I’m sharing right here with you. Just to mention, I’ll add both official and previous Android emulator method in this guide, so that you are aware of both.


Requirements to use WhatsApp for Web (Desktop)

Make sure Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser (any of them) is installed at your computer. If its installed then next thing to ensure is that its updated to latest version.

Last requirement here is that you should already have a WhatsApp account. If not, then create one using a phone number used by you on an Android, iOS, Windows Phone smartphone (or any compatible phone device).WhatsApp for PC Download

Once, all these requirements are matched, then you can start with the process.

Use WhatsApp on Computer (Official Method)

Simply follow below mention steps, they are just three.

  • Pick up your phone, have your WhatsApp account running with active data connection or Wi-Fi at your device. Update the application to latest available version.

WhatsApp Web Application

  • After update, move into Options and there you’ll find ‘WhatsApp Web’ option. Tap on that (it will open Camera).
  • Start PC or laptop, launch Google Chrome and open web.whatsapp.com, You’ll see a QR code there, scan that using rear camera of your phone.

That’s it! The account will be login within few seconds and you’ll find each and every messages and conversations right there at your PC.

Only limitation of this method is that an active data connection should be running at both PC and smartphone, otherwise it won’t work.

Download WhatsApp for PC with Bluestacks

Now here is the second method, follow below mention steps.

  • First get official installer file of BlueStacks, it is available over here.
  • Double click on that file, follow on screen instructions and it will take some time to get installed.



  • Once ready, start the software and use its search tool to find WhatsApp application.
  • You’ll find the app then click on the same and then click on install option over there.
  • At last, login with a Google account when asked to setup synchronization feature.

Requirements to run WhatsApp with Bluestacks :

Before starting, let us take care of certain requirements and things you need to know in order to make sure that you don’t find any issues at all.

Make sure that your computer is having at least 4GB of RAM, also the same case for Laptop. Having this much RAM is necessary to keep the performance up to the mark, otherwise you may face performance related issues.

Make sure that the graphics driver version of your computer is upgraded to latest and they are compatible with HD standard of visuals. This is all required because WhatsApp uses HD standard of visuals. Updating graphics driver also improves performance. If HD standard driver isn’t available for your PC (because its too old) then its time to buy a newer one with dedicated graphics card. You won’t regret this expense.

That’s all! I’ve explained both methods and I hope you didn’t find any issues with any of them.

I think you really enjoyed this complete guide to download WhatsApp for PC on Windows 7, Windows 8 easily. Please keep on visiting Apps for PC