Temple Run 2 for PC Download Windows 7/8/XP without BlueStacks

ello friends, this complete guide is all about how to get Temple Run 2 for PC or Computer downloaded on your Windows 7, Windows 8 and XP also. I request you to keep on reading this post further.

Imangi Studios developer has been known for the kind of game it is capable of developing. Its era started with the first version of Temple Run game and now we all have the second version being available for almost every smartphone and tablet which it’s compatible with. Clash of Clans for PC is also really wonderful game.

But in case if you wish to play it on computer then here is a guide on how to download Temple Run 2 for PC without BlueStacks.

This game is so awesome that you will find extremely tough to stay away from its addiction. It got almost everything you wish to be part of a truly awesome. The game got millions of user reviews and ratings which are all a good sign of its credibility. See : Clash of Clans on PC

Just let me know that your computer is running on latest version of graphics driver. If it isn’t then update it otherwise you may face graphics related issues which cannot be fixed otherwise.

Also make sure that the internet connection at your end is working stably and is with good speed. Subway Surfers for PC downloading tutorial is given here.

How to Download Temple Run 2 for PC

Just make sure that you keep on following the steps mentioned down here as it is. It will take few minutes of your important time.

  1. First of all you need to off course download YouWave software. It is available over here.
  2. Next is to double click on installer file and start installing the software. It will finish off quickly.
  3. Once installed start it and then choose Free Trial option. Launch web browser application and then open website of Google play store.
  4. Use its search tool to find out Temple Run 2 Android game.
  5. Once found click on game and then install option over there and then login with a Google account when asked.

The downloading of game will begin which will be installed later automatically.

About Temple Run 2 Game for PC

It’s an endless running game which never ends. You’ll learn how to play it quickly and when you first start it then it will explain the game play on its own.

But once you learn it then you’ll think that it’s too easy to play and complete. The fun begins exactly when you start thinking like that which is because the game is never ending and no one can master it.

No matter how hard you try you’ll never find the end and you can only get a high score at the end which comes whenever you lose your grip on your chance.

There are endless chances you got and there is not at all ending to this game. There are no levels but as soon as you carry on forward you’ll find the difficulty level moving forward which means that it will get tough for you to survive with time and distance. WhatsApp for PC is really amazing app.

Graphics performance is of HD standard with perfectly matching sound effects. Every animation within this game brings awesome game playing experience which is so addictive in nature that it won’t be easy at all for you to stop playing it.

To help you out in the game there are certain special power-ups which you can find while running but they are not so good in number to be found. You can choose different characters as well which will help you further to change the speed at which you’re running inside.

You had stolen a precious stone from a temple and now you’re on the run to escape. Make sure the giant devil don’t catch you up or you don’t lose your firm grip on the path you’re running on.


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So I hope everything went just like it works on an Android device and you didn’t find any issues at all. Don’t forget to share this cool stuff with all your friends over social network. Also, I think that you really enjoyed this post on downloading Temple Run 2 for PC or Computer and please keep on visiting Apps for PC.