Clash of Lords 2 for PC Download on Windows 8/7/XP

Hello friends, this complete guide is about how to download Clash of Lords 2 on PC available on Windows 7, Windows 8 easily.

In most of the strategy niche games, you have to train your soldiers to make them worth fighting in the battle ahead. It takes a lot of cash, gold coins and even time and you’re always on short of time when you need them at emergency. Clash of Clans for PC is one of the best game similar to Clash of Lords 2.

If you’re fed up with that particular thing then here is your chance to play the game I’m featuring today which doesn’t force you to train the troops rather you already got them ready, always.


This game is Clash of Lords 2 and here is your chance to download Clash of Lords 2 for PC and play it on Windows 7/8/XP computers without paying anything.

The game is developed by IGG.COM developer and you can easily find thousands of reviews of this game over the Google play store. Yes it is available for other popular smartphone platforms but not for PC yet. Clash of Clans PC is also great game.

How to Download Clash of Lords 2 for PC

Its time! You need to simply follow on instructions I’ve compiled down here and it won’t take any longer than 15 minutes.

  1. First of all you need to download BlueStacks app player software on your computer. It needs to be downloaded from its official source only.
  2. Once you have the copy at your end then double click on the same and start following on screen instructions.
  3. Start it and use the search tool you see in there to find Clash of Lords 2 Android game.
  4. Login with a Google account when asked and it will setup synchronization feature ready.
  5. Once login is done then game will open up in Google play store and there you need to simply click on install option.

So, here is your guide following which you’ll come to know how you can play this computer without facing any issues at all. It is a strategy niche game which you all should start playing right away.

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Requirements to Take Care for Clash of Clans on PC :

You need to check your computer with certain requirements that should be matched in any case otherwise you may face issues that may affect experience at your end.

First of all your computer should have at least 4GB of RAM along with 5-6GB of free storage in C Drive.

Next, your system needs to be running on latest version of graphics driver which is upgraded and capable of managing HD Standard of visuals and animations.


Lastly, you should have an active and fast internet connection with at least 2MBPS speed. This game requires internet so you should have unlimited plan.

About Clash of Lords 2 for Computer :

As already mentioned, it never requires you to train your troops, they are always ready. You need to take charge of all the lords and heroes you have in the game. WhatsApp for PC is great app.

They need a leader and that’s the role you’ve to play. You need to use all the resources you have according to a strategy so that you get win in each and every battle ahead.

Graphics performance is of full HD standard and of top notch quality. So does the sound effects and this game is so huge and big that you’ll take longer than a month to cover and see all the cities and empires in there. Good luck.

That’s it! Everything is done now and I hope you didn’t find any issues whatsoever. I think you really enjoyed this post on how to download Clash of Lords 2 for PC or Computer available on Windows 7, Windows 8 and please keep on visiting Apps for PC.